Covid-19 Cases are up statewide, and many of the local parishes are doing everything they can to help reduce the case numbers. On July 30, 2021, the City of New Orleans issued a parish wide indoor mask mandate as the COVID cases continue to increase.  The Terminix Team is already helping many local business with disinfecting and sanitizing services. Some of the businesses that we continue to work with include Angelique, Earthsavers, Matt Bowers Ford, Salvation Studio, Mandina’s Restaurant, The Court Of Two Sisters, Adler’s Jewelry and so many more. Our protocol and product allow us to treat ALL non-porous surfaces. Our application sites include offices spaces, medical facilities, hotels, hotel rooms, residential homes, restaurants, kitchens, educational facilities, vehicles and more.

Terminix Offers Business Environmental Disinfecting & Sanitizing Services

You may not know that Terminix has been offering disinfecting and sanitizing services for businesses since Hurricane Katrina. We have EPA N-List approved products for disinfecting and sanitizing. Not all household cleaning items are effective at eliminating harmful viruses and bacteria. Even if they are effective, they must be used frequently, in the right manner and on all appropriate surfaces and items. Our new Terminix Home Disinfecting Service uses a commercial-grade disinfectant that is EPA-approved to kill known coronaviruses.

Our disinfecting service targets high-touch areas in your home where harmful viruses and bacteria commonly linger. Our treatment includes all frequented areas including but not limited to:

Home and business disinfecting & sanitizing services

Terminix can disinfect and sanitize your facility.

Terminix has been offering disinfecting and sanitizing services since Hurricane Katrina. We have EPA N-List approved products for disinfecting and sanitizing. We also provide Residential and Commercial Pest Control and Termite Control Services for the Southshore, Northshore, and the River Parishes of Louisiana. Call us at the Eastbank office at (504) 834-7330, the River region at (985) 652-7378, or on the Northshore at (985) 643-6542.

Experience is what separates Terminix from other companies.