The Mosquito

Mosquito Bite NoticedA mosquito bite is miserable. Most of the time, we do not even notice the bite until it starts to itch. Then, you simply can’t leave it alone, scratching it with the hope that the itch will subside. But, how does this stealthy mosquito quietly float in, drink her fill and then just leave without being noticed?

Mosquito History

Mosquitoes have been around for over 30 million years, honing their skills to become the most infamous pest in history. First, they know how to target their victims. Mosquitoes can actually sense carbon dioxide and lactic acid from a 100 feet away coming from humans and mammals who give off these gasses. Next, they can also detect heat, and if all else fails, they can even see their targets.

The Mosquito Bite

When the mosquito bites, it injects a small amount of saliva into the skin which contains proteins that prevent the blood from clotting. The saliva also includes an anesthetic which is why we do not feel the bite.

Eat And Run

Mosquitoes, Mosquito Bite NoticedThe mosquito is a master at eating and then leaving without being noticed. But, how can they drink their fill, basically doubling their weight, and still be able to takeoff without being noticed? Basically, the mosquito will beat her wings about 30 milliseconds before lift off. During that time, the mosquito will slowly push her legs downward, making the liftoff almost imperceptible.

All of these factors are the reasons why a Mosquito Bite will not be noticed until it is too late. It is important to realize that mosquitoes are more than just an annoyance, they are the deadliest animal on the planet. Every year, over 1,000 Americans experience serious illness or even death because of a mosquito bite. West Nile Virus, Malaria, Zika Virus, and Encephalitis are just some of the mosquito borne diseases that impact the world.

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