Mosquitoes Are Coming

MosquitoesNow that the weather is getting warmer outside, mosquitoes will be out in full force soon. Maybe you have already seen some in your yard. We had a rather mild winter so mosquitoes will be a problem when it gets warmer.

Right now is the best time to prepare your home and garden for the mosquito season. As you know, mosquitoes can pose a danger to your family’s health. Mosquitoes can spread the West Nile Virus, Dengue, Chikungunya and Yellow Fevers as well as the Zika Virus, which is especially dangerous to pregnant women. Mosquito control is the best option to stop transmission. Experts say the coronavirus is not transmitted by mosquitoes.

There are a few things you can do right now to keep the mosquito population low in your yard. Make sure to empty all containers that are holding water and eliminate all standing water you may have in your backyard. Those provide perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

An Environmentally Friendly Solution To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes

Terminix can provide a one-time treatment or a customized on-going treatment solution to help reduce the bloodsucking mosquito population around your home or business. Whether you are planning an outdoor event or trying to control the mosquitoes in your yard, we can provide an effective pest control solution. The In2Care® Mosquito Trap uses water with an odor  to attract egg-laying Aedes mosquitoes. Once inside the plastic container, they come in contact with a biological control agent that eliminates them. The system uses a fungus that kills the mosquito several days after infection and can prevent disease transmission. It exploits the fact that Aedes like to divide their eggs over multiple sites; by letting them fly out of the trap while carrying larvicide on their legs. They transport the larvicide and contaminate several breeding sites around the trap. This way, you can get rid of larvae in small and hard to find spots. The In2Care Mosquito Trap is the first trap that uses a biological control agent to kill mosquitoes. The larvicide is US-EPA-approved and World Health Organization-recommended.  Call Terminix today to get rid of mosquitoes in your yard. The system can protect you and your family for only $95 per month.

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