Upgrade To LED Lights This Holiday Season

LED LightsThe Holiday Season is here and that means you probably decorated your home, business and yard. The pretty decorations are spreading some holiday cheer and help get everybody in the right mood for the season. Most likely you have been using the same lights for your decorations for years, maybe even decades. Below you will find some reasons why this holiday season might be the perfect time to upgrade to the latest LED technology.

Advantages Of LED Lights

LED LightsWhile everybody is enjoying your holiday decor, the first shock usually comes when your electric bill arrives for the month of December. It gets dark fairly early this time of year, and you have been running the holiday lights sometimes for 24 hours straight. In some instances, electric bills have doubled during the holiday season. Why not replace the lights in your holiday display with new LED lights.  Their monthly cost is only about 10 percents of traditional holiday lights. Furthermore, LED lights produce almost no heat and are cool to the touch which means they are safer for Christmas trees and around other flammable materials including curtains. LED lights also come in a wide variety of colors and last much longer than old-fashioned holiday lights.

Holiday Lighting Services by By Terminix

LED LightsDid you know that Christmas Decor by Terminix provides professional lighting services to homes and businesses in the entire greater New Orleans area? Our experts can brighten up your property with holiday decorations that will make your neighbors jealous. We are using the latest lighting technology. Our decorations have LED lights which last longer and are very energy efficient. Celebrate any holiday from Christmas and New Year’s to Mardi Gras and Easter in style without worrying who will have to hang up the lights this time. You don’t even need to search for your old decorations, we have a huge selection that will help brighten up your neighborhood. We have the lights and ornaments that are right for your property from wreaths and trees, to illuminated figures, to Nutcrackers and other Holiday favorites, we can make your business or home stand out this season.

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