Where Do Mosquitoes Strike?

Terminix Protects, When Mosquitoes StrikePool Party

You’ve planned a beautiful pool party with a classic picnic lunch. Everyone is enjoying the glorious sunshine and the absence of thunderstorms. You packed the perfect picnic lunch with lots of delicious items to eat. All is well relaxing by the poolside or splash in the cooling water of the pool. Then, the mosquitoes join the picnic.

Grilling in your Yard

Perhaps you decide to fire up the grill and enjoy dinner al fresco with your family. You have some music playing in the background as you prep the remainder of your meal indoors. The platters of salad and sides are brought outside to be enjoyed with the grilled chicken and ribs. Your family drinks frosted glasses of iced tea as they converse over dinner. What a feast! Then, the mosquitoes join the feast too.

Seafood Boils

Seafood boils are popular pastimes in the heat of the summer. The seafood is well-seasoned, and the potatoes, corn, and mushrooms are just right. Plenty of beer and wine is iced down and quenching the thirst in the summer heat. The jokes are flying and there’s a roar of laughter filling the air with general festivity. Then, the mosquitoes join the party.

Playing Ball in the Yard

Playing outdoors is so much fun with the family. Tossing a baseball or kicking a soccer ball is just fun with family and friends. Maybe you throw up a net and play badminton or volleyball. As the game starts to get interesting and the winner is getting close, the mosquitoes decide to join the game.

As you and your friends and family go outside to enjoy pool parties, grilling and seafood boils, make sure that you do not get uninvited guests. Mosquitoes can be a real party crasher but Terminix can help keep the party going. We will come to your home for a no-obligation consultation. Our trained technicians will rid your home and yard of all pests. Our mission is to provide total customer satisfaction by providing tailored services to meet individual client needs. Call Terminix today at (504) 834-7330, and we will get rid of the uninvited guests.