Why Do Mosquitoes Bite Some People More Than Others?

Mosquitoes, Mosquito BitesDo you feel like you are the person who always gets the most mosquito bites? Some people may make fun of your observation, but you might actually be on to something. There are actually scientific reasons why some people seem to be luckier than others. Find out why some scientists believe you could be among the “unlucky ones:”

Blood Type & Mosquito Bites

Scientists believe your blood type may have an impact on how often you get bitten by mosquitoes. One study found that people with the blood O got bitten more often than any other blood type. The study said that people with the blood type O got bitten almost twice as much as those with blood type A.

Carbon Dioxide & Exercise & Mosquito Bites

You may have heard about this before, mosquitoes use carbon dioxide as an indicator that a host is nearby.  This means your metabolism, or the amount of CO2 your body releases as it burns energy, is a big factor when it comes to attracting mosquitoes. In addition to carbon dioxide, mosquitoes find victims by smelling the lactic acid, uric acid, ammonia and other substances you sweat out. They also like people with higher body temperatures. Since exercise increases the buildup of lactic acid and heat in your body, it likely makes you stand out to the insects. So you may think twice about going for a run during mosquito season or during certain times of the day when mosquitoes are more active.

Pregnancy & Mosquito Bites

If you are pregnant, you could potentially attract roughly twice as many mosquito bites as others, according another study. Pregnant woman exhale about 21 percent more carbon dioxide and are on average about 1.26 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than others.

Clothing Color & Mosquito Bites

Believe it or not, but some experts suggest the color of clothing may also attract mosquitoes. They say mosquitoes use vision (along with scent) to find people. This means wearing colors that stand out such as black, dark blue or red may make you easier to find.

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